PETITION: HelloFresh workers need a union

Workers at HelloFresh are organizing a union to make their jobs safer and more sustainable at the largest meal-kit company in the United States. We are calling on the company to not harass or intimidate workers, and to cancel the anti-union consultant.


HelloFresh profited tremendously from the COVID-19 crisis. The company sold more than 278 million meals in the United States in 2020—an increase of over 100% from 2019, while global revenues doubled to $4.4 billion.

But multiple workers at HelloFresh facilities have said they can’t afford rent with HelloFresh wages, and some are even homeless.

Workers are getting injured on the job. A pallet fell 25 feet onto four workers, trapping them and sending two to the hospital. What was HelloFresh’s response? “We took the incident very seriously, but the item that was involved was smaller,” said a HelloFresh spokesperson.

HelloFresh also hired an anti-union consultant and held mandatory meetings to intimidate workers with anti-union propaganda. We wish we were surprised, but we aren’t.

Workers at HelloFresh are organizing a union because they deserve better than this.

So if you support the workers at HelloFresh fighting for better wages and working conditions, add your name to the petition.