Sunday, May 31, 2:00 – 3:00 PM, ALBANY, NY

Beginning at the ShopRite grocery store on Central Avenue, a CARAVAN of cars/vehicles will gather at 2:00 PM and drive to the Capitol Building, showing support and giving thanks for Farmworkers and ALL Food Chain Workers. Please click here to register!

The CARAVAN in the Capital District is part of a state-wide Caravan of Solidarity, sponsored by Rural & Migrant Ministry, Mujeres Divinas, Mujeres de Esperanza, Worker Justice Center of New York, Worker Centers of Central NY, CASA and Alianza Agricola. Co-sponsors include UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers), the union which represents ShopRite workers. UFCW data reports that over 10,000 of their workers have been sickened by the coronavirus and 450 have died.

ROUTE: The Capital District Caravan will line up at the west end of the parking lot of the Shop Rite located at 709 Central Avenue, Albany, NY. Leaving the lot it will go LEFT onto Central Avenue and slowly proceed east for two miles. It will turn RIGHT on Lark Street and then take the 2nd LEFT onto State Street, then down to the Legislative Office Building (LOB), on the right, less than a mile).

ACTION: At this time it is not clear whether participants can park in front of the LOB and/or leave their vehicles and line up on the LOB steps where photos will be taken (for sending to elected officials). Before leaving ShopRite, participants will be informed about FINAL PLANS, which might include a blessing by clergy on their feast of Pentecost.

As of May 18, Capital District protocols are: Do NOT leave the vehicle, wear masks, and show signs, streamers in support/thanks/celebration of farmworkers and Food Chain workers.

For more ACTION STEPS, such as advocating for access to child care for these ESSENTIAL workers, go to:, and please don't forget to register here as well!

If you have any questions you can call Brian O’Shaughnessy at 518-526-2662 OR email: [email protected].